Saturday, 21 January 2012

Available puppies

These are the puppies still in search of forever families.


Cardinal is a beautiful apricot parti girl with “raccoon” eye patches, apricot ears, a saddle on her back and a large apricot spot at the base of her tail. She has the cutest “butterfly” nose – it normally would be black but with all the white on her the pigment on her nose hasn’t fully come out, so it is spotted pink-liver-black.

Cardinal is the largest pup in the litter, weighing in at 2.6kg at 8 weeks of age. She will probably mature to around 10-12kg. She loves to play with Uncle Aspen (our 6-month-old puppy), whom she closely resembles. The two of them can go at it for minutes on end. Cardinal would have been kept for breeding except that she has a slight underbite, which she may grow out of (or may not). She has a lovely soft, wavy fleece coat.


Galaxy is the smallest pup of the six, a mere 2.1kg at 8 weeks of age. She will probably mature to between 8 and 10kg. She is cute black and white parti pup. The black forms a “toga” over her left shoulder and back, with a little “tuck” at the mid-section. She has a black head with a white muzzle and a very cute short-haired face. She has white legs with black freckling over them. Galaxy has a soft, slightly short and fairly dense fleece coat that is relatively straight and may end up with just the merest wave in it.

Galaxy is a somewhat shy little girl, not as adventurous as her sibs. She tends to hang back a bit when encountering new people or things, but it doesn’t take her long to warm up and be friendly. She loves to play tug and chase, and to tussle with her brother Leo.


Nightingale is an active pup who is always going gangbusters. She loves to play tug, tussle with Uncle Aspen, race back and forth through the rooms, and be generally active and rambunctious. And she LOVES to give puppy kisses and snuggle up, too – she is our best kisser. She and Leo are best buds with similar energy levels.

Nightingale is all black with a very thick and short coat that shows little sign of wave or curl, and an “open” face. This is not a standard coat for an Australian Labradoodle, but it is still very soft and she is super cute! With the soft, fleecy texture of the coat we do not expect her to shed even once her adult coat comes in. 

Nightingale weighs 2.4kg at 8 weeks of age and is expected to mature to about 9 – 11 kg.


Leo, the only boy in the bunch, is a dashing, daring adventurer. He LOVES to tussle, play tug-of-war, and chase balls. He goes up the stairs and has already started to come down (no mean feat for a small pup!). He enjoys playing outside in the snow and is a good listener.

Leo is in the middle of the pack, size-wise, at 2.5kg at 8 weeks of age. He will likely mature to around 10 – 11kg, maybe a bit more. Leo is also a black and white parti boy. His shoulders are white, with the black starting just below the shoulders, “notched” by white, with a white stripe across his mid-riff and down the left side of his back, and the black then extending down his hindquarters and ending at the hock, making him look like he’s wearing black shorts on the right and with a black spot on his left hip. He has a black head with a white muzzle. Leo has a soft, slightly wavy fleece coat with a rather “open” face (shorter hair than on the rest of his body).

Scarlett will be kept by us for our breeding program.

Ariel will be sold or traded to another breeder.

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