Sunday, 25 December 2016

Puppies on the way!

It’s official! Harmony is pregnant! She had her ultrasound on Christmas Eve morning and the vet counted seven puppies under development. That is a great number – she had seven with her first litter, so she’s being consistent!
Harmony - the mama

Hugo Nico - the papa

 These pups could come in any colour or pattern – cream, chocolate, or black, in solid, parti, phantom or tri-colour. Harmony is black parti and carries phantom, while Hugo Nico is cream (invisible phantom – i.e. he has the genetics for phantom colouring but because his coat colour is cream it’s not expressed) and carries parti. We loved the pups Harmony and Hugo Nico produced with their first mating , so we decided to repeat it. Her first litter in June produced two caramel parti pups, one black parti, two solid black, one chocolate parti tricolour, and one black parti tricolour. This litter is likely to be similar.
Pascal Cirilla
from Harmony & Hugo's June litter

from Harmony & Hugo's June litter

Herschel Harley
from Harmony & Hugo's June litter
Harmony’s due date is 22 January 2017. Last June she gave birth one day before her due date, so we expect these pups to arrive around Jan 20-21. If you are interested, send us an email ( and we will send you an application form. We will be accepting up to 5 deposits on this litter (and may either keep or sell one or two pups as breeders).

Happy puppy dreams!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Doodle Romp coming up!

The next DragonRam doodle romp is taking place this coming Sunday, 11 September, at 4pm at the usual location (DragonRam HQ). While the forecast is currently calling for a cooler day than we've been having recently (22 degrees) with a 60% chance of rain, we are hoping the rain takes a break for the hour we will be out. We are hoping for a good turnout! 

P.S. September 11 is Ethiopian New Year - the first day of the year 2009 according to the Ethiopian calendar!! 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The latest news

Okay, so I'm behind in my updates!!

The last two of Harmony's puppies both found homes. Levy went to his family on 20 August and Aristotle on 27 August. 

So now we have just Galena's puppies, which are growing like weeds! They turned six weeks old yesterday, so the next three weeks will be the eventful ones. We microchipped them yesterday. Wednesday of next week they are having their temperament assessment in the morning and going for vaccinations and checkup in the afternoon. The following weekend (Sep 16-18) will be puppy selection time for our families. Then Wed 21 they will be neutered and ready to head for homes as of Sep 23. 

Six of these puppies have been reserved, and we expect to place one or two as breeders, so might have one or none left depending on the breeding prospects. 

Both Phoenix's and Harmony's litters had a couple pups that were quite noisy and demanding, but this litter seems much quieter. They do whine a bit when they are hungry or want attention, but none of them get too loud about it. That is nice for us when we want to sleep in a bit of a weekend!! Of course, now that school is in there won't be as much sleeping in happening, especially not on weekdays for the kids!!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Two puppies ready to go!

Five of Harmony's seven puppies have already gone or will soon go to their new homes. But the two black boys are still waiting for homes. (Sad to say, but black puppies are often harder to place than others.)

I am offering a $100 discount to anyone who takes one of these puppies by Sunday 21 August - so just $2300 (plus HST - yes, as of this summer we have had to start feed the govt...). 

We have:

DragonRam Levy 
black with a tiny white spot on his chest 
and white toe-tips

Thoughtful, Independent, Gentle
Levy is a cautious boy who enjoys exploring his environment slowly with his mouth. He takes his time to bond to a new human, but once he does, he will check in regularly with his people, and will benefit from an owner who encourages him to continue these behaviours. 

DragonRam Aristotle
black with white toetips on one paw

Cautious, Gentle, Patient
Aristotle is a sensitive pup who will explore his environment slowly by bumping his nose against objects and people. He takes time to bond to a new human but once he does he becomes more engaging and interactive. He will benefit from a safe space with regular routines and a familiar environment. He will respond poorly to harsh correction. He has a low-average energy level. 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Six weeks old! (Harmony's pups)

Well, Harmony's babies are now six weeks old! We are seeing definite personalities in them by now - feisty and playful for some, quiet and subdued for one or two. All are happy, healthy, growing well. 

The next two weeks will be eventful for these babies. Next Wednesday, 3 August, they will be assessed for temperament. That is fun for us and, we hope, for them - it's a chance to see how they react to a new person (the dog behaviourist) in a new environment (our basement, where they've never been before). We will get the results of the assessment on Friday, and then over the next two days the prospective families will come and select their puppy. 

Then on Monday 8 August they visit the vet for the first time, for a check0-up and vaccinations. Three days later, on 11 August, they will be neutered. Then just two or three days after that, they will head home to begin life with their new families!

As of today we still have two puppies available, but we expect another will likely be reserved today or tomorrow, leaving just one. We keep getting new inquiries almost every every day! By the time comes for puppy allocation - in just 9 days! - I expect they will all be spoken for. (But five of Galena's eight pups are still available - they are now four days old.)

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

We have MORE puppies!

Well, Galena did it again! Last November our vet had counted six pups on the ultrasound but she gave us six. Now, I am very pleased to announce that Galena surprised us in the wee hours of Sunday morning by giving birth to EIGHT beautiful babies, rather than the seven our vet had counted at the end of June. Cumin is the sire to this litter as he was to the last.

We have:
Puppy #1: male, 201g, caramel, born at 12:38am (Qibli)
Puppy #2: male, 238g, chocolate silvered phantom, born at 12:56am (Apex)
Puppy #3: female, 187g, light caramel, born at 01:21 (Mica)
Puppy #4: male, 255g, chocolate with white chest, born at 01: 49 (Bruno)
Puppy #5: female, 209g, chocolate phantom, born at 02:06 (Brooke)
Puppy #6: male, 250g, very pale cream, born at 02:53 (Zeus)
Puppy #7: female, 233g, solid chocolate, born at 03:17 (Piper)
Puppy #8: male, 221g, dark caramel/red, born at 03:22 (Flame)

So yes, my daughter Tristan and I had a pretty sleepless night, getting to bed around 4am (once we were sure she was done) and sleeping in until around 11.

This means that the winner of the Guess How Many Puppies contest is Catherine, who guessed eight puppies with the first born on 24 July at 3:00pm. When she submitted her guess, I remember thinking “24 July? No way, that’s way too early!” So much for my assumptions! In fact, Galena had been scheduled to come to us the afternoon of July 24, but her Guardians called up mid-Saturday asking if they could bring her over that evening as they didn’t think she would last until Sunday afternoon. Were they ever right!

Three of these puppies are already reserved, leaving five available. If you know anyone who is thinking of getting a puppy, send them our way!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Pregnancy confirmed!!

Galena had her ultrasound yesterday afternoon. We are happy to announce that YES!! We are expecting more puppies!!

The vet counted (most likely) seven little active healthy pups - give or take one.

Galena is due the week of July 25. So far we have a reservation for one of her puppies, so there are still lots available - but that is likely to change quickly enough. 

Here is the list of puppy guesses on her Guess How Many Puppies contest. We have a number of likely finalists - remains to be seen when the first pup arrives to determine the final winner. 
# of puppies
28 July 14:30
Janet B
26 July, 19:20
Adrienne TC
27 July, 16:30
Melissa B
27 July, 17:00
Suzie Baril
27 July 18:15
Jennifer O
28 July 15:00
Barbara B
28 July, 23:00
Emma P
25 July, 17:00
Susan CB
26 July, 13:42
Sarah P
26 July, 16:30
28 July, 16:45
27 July, 21:00
Amélie L TC
27 July, 17:30
Patrice P
27 July, 19:07
Karen P
28 July, 14:00
Joséphine L TC
28 July, 15:00
28 July, 16:00
Catherine C
24 July, 15:00
Katie GM
25 July, 16:00
Laurent L TC
28 July, 19:30