Sunday, 22 January 2012

Aspen in search of his forever family

Aspen arrived here at the end of September, 2011, as a stud prospect puppy. Unfortunately, he has turned out not to be of breeding quality, though a very find dog indeed, so we are looking to sell him as a pet.

Aspen is a caramel and white parti male with a lovely disposition. he will be six months old on February 1, 2012. He currently weighs around 10kg (22 lbs), standing between 16”- 17” tall at the shoulders. We expect him to mature to around 30 lbs and 18”, which makes him a medium Australian Labradoodle. He is a lovely dog with a sweet and very friendly personality. He is a big suck, always wanting to say hi to everyone and get snuggles and cuddles. Aspen is completely house-trained and rings the bell to go outside. He likes to play outside even in the cold winter weather (unless it gets VERY cold or messy). Aspen loves the puppies – he has been interested in them from the time they were born, and now they are big enough to play with him decently, though he is still much bigger than them! But he is generally gentle, seeming to realize that he can’t play rough with these little critters. Aspen loves to go for walks and off-leash romps. He is good at coming when called. He is friendly with other dogs, though a bit nervous of meeting other big dogs – he is still interested in saying hi but he wants to be sure they’re friendly back.

Aspen will do well in a home where he can have lots of attention and play time. A family with children age 4 and up, another dog (or cat?), a couple where one is home at least half the day, or a retired couple or single person would be ideal.

We are asking the pet price of $2500 for him, which includes all his vaccinations. For that you get a fully house-trained dog who is past the worst of the puppy phase.

If you are interested in being Aspen’s family, contact me at or 613-552-3066 or Linda at or 613-720-5589.

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